Sandia Circus

Professional Aerialist, Athletic Coach, and Personal Trainer in San Francisco, California

Sandia Circus

Professional Aerialist, Athletic Coach, and Personal Trainer in San Francisco, California

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About Sandia

Danielle Sandia Sexton is a professional trapeze artist and the artistic director of SandiaCircus, an aerial training and production company. Utilizing her traditional circus education as a foundation for acrobatic and aerial technique in theater and performance art, Sandia choreographs solo and collaborative aerial performances that walk the line between stunt woman and fine artist.

She is also the artistic director of El Circo Dia, a San Francisco based aerial theater collective with the mission to strengthen the working relationship between dancers, musicians and technology-based artists in order to maximize their creative collective voice as a launching point for greater, socially relevant conversations. In doing so, she aims to maintain the Bay Area tradition of unique and subversive art that can positively influence a more compassionate and forward thinking society.

Sandia performs with Vau de Vire Society, Vertigone, Zaccho Dance Theatre, Flyaway Productions, Earth Circus, Velocity Circus, Extra Action Marching Band, Treat Social Club, as well as festivals, supper clubs and night clubs locally and internationally.

In 2018 she was Tony Bennett's stunt double, dancing down the side of San Francisco's Fairmont Hotel, and was the 2016 recipient of Dancer's Group CA$H Grant for her aerial theater production of "Refuge: The Ballad of the Renting Class."


My Aerial Arts Classes and personal training programs provide creative, accessible and affordable skill building taught in fun, challenging, and engaging ways.

Elevate your day with Aerial Hoop, Silks, Sling, and Dance Trapeze or simply choose ground based personal training or corrective exercise program to get your body moving smoothly and comfortably.

Contact Me for further details or to reserve your spot in class.

I look forward to meeting you soon!


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